Tuesday, August 24, 2010

328 Days: 10 days left!

10 days until the yardsale.

Today, I'm going to take fliers to all the local businesses to see if I can hang them up in their windows. I also need to get stakes because I have some signs that need to go up on Friday.

Neal got some shelves up in the basement, so we can move stuff from the shelves in the garage down there, which will clear up room for the sale stuff. Next up is cleaning the garage (fun!) then setting everything up! I want to have all of that done by Aug. 30 because I'm having a Lia Sophia party on Sept. 1 to help out my new roommate who just became a distributor. (If you'd like to place an order, I'm sure you can do so online! E-mail me and I'll get the info to you, as I don't have it yet.) Anyway, that'll leave that Thursday free to deal with last minute drop offs and random things I forgot about before the sale on Friday!

Tomorrow, I'm picking donations up from a friend and heading to another house to clear out their garage from their recent garage sale. They had said we could have their leftovers after their sale about a month ago but we haven't gotten to it yet.

Busy times but it's coming together!

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