Monday, July 12, 2010


Just passing this along...

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Monday, July 5, 2010

how do you wear your jeans?

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279 Days

I feel like I don't have much to say here right now because nothing is going on besides me preparing for the yardsale.

I'm anxious for it because I'm feeling like I've kind of put out all the feelers that I can on my own for adoption situations. It's not just an opportunity to raise some money to help cover the costs, but it's also a whole new platform to get the word out about us wanting to adopt.

Ideas I have for yard sale:

- Contact the local paper to have them do a human interest story. (They in turn are affiliated with a local tv news station who may pick the story up as well.)

- Big, colorful signs at multiple intersections announcing fundraising yard sale. I'll get these put up the weekend before the actual sale so more people will see them and hopefully make a mental note to come check it out.

- Putting our adoption "business card" in each bag of things sold.

- Have a sign near the "entrance" explaining what we're doing so people can stop and read it at their own pace without me having to explain it to every single person for three days.

- Have a jug for donations with a note on it explaining what we're doing.

- Post on Craigslist.

- Sell raffle tickets for themed gift baskets.

- Bake sale/drinks.

- Your idea? Anything else I haven't thought of yet?

Maybe we'll meet the birthmom that weekend. Maybe we'll meet the person who will put us in touch with the birthmom. Who knows?