Sunday, March 7, 2010

158 Days

I suck at ICLW. Every time I join, it's during a time when I have a little free time to update and read and comment and then by the time ICLW actually rolls around, I don't even have time to update. I'm lame.

I have been a social butterfly lately which translates into no time to update. Just this week on top of Kasen care, housework and my gym schedule, I had two playdates, trips to Cosi, Dawes Arboretum, the bike trail, the dog park, the grocery store, and a job interview. (Can you tell the weather is getting better?!)

All fun times, but the biggest news of them all is the job interview. Starting tomorrow, I'm babysitting a little girl who is 11 days younger than Kasen! I will have her Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. I had considered babysitting in the past but it was out of the question during our three years of trying to get pregnant.*

Babysitting crossed my mind again during pregnancy and I thought maybe I could start doing it at some point once I got settled into mommyhood. I didn't actively start looking for anything and figured if the right situation presented itself, I'd think about it more seriously. When I received an e-mail from a friend last week about someone she knew who was looking for a part-time babysitter, I thought, "Hmm..." The situation seems perfect: It's only part-time so I can still stick to my gym schedule; I'll have Friday/Saturdays off which is Neal's weekends and still leaves Thursdays for errands; she's the same age as Kasen so I have all age-appropriate toys and he'll have a playmate. The extra money is going to go into my "I Will Get A Minivan This Year" fund so I'm stoked about that! We're very excited to watch her, too... her parents seem very sweet and she seems laid back like Kasen so hopefully I won't have my hands too full!

*It was way too heartbreaking to really be around kids during our TTC years. A co-worker (who knew we were struggling to get pregnant) practically shoved her newborn grandson into my arms at work one day. It took everything in me not to throw up and start crying right there. It literally hurt to touch him and I distinctly remembering wanting him out of my arms like right now. I cried in the bathroom after they left.


  1. I hope the babysitting goes well with Kasen and Hannah. I don't know what it's like to be infertile, but I do remember when my first child was born at 25 weeks and spent 4 months in the NICU. I went to church one Sunday and a couple I knew sat in front of me with their newborn child. I couldn't handle it because my baby was fighting for her life in the NICU. I literally ran to the ladies room and cried. So on that level I can connect with you and I understand. Today that baby(my oldest daughter) is 23 and has a 14 month old son. you are an amazing mom.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for leaving the addy for the author of Over My Ovaries! And YAY for babysitting that fits into your schedule!!

  3. Crying in the bathroom when TTC. Now that sounds familiar! Crying in the work bathroom is always my preference. :)