Friday, December 18, 2009

79 Days: Dear Birthmother

Dear Birthmother:

We struggle with what to say as we try to explain what is in our thoughts and hearts. Nothing seems adequate in comparison with this amazing sacrifice that you are currently making. It is our wish that you have not felt alone during this trying time in your life.

We hope that reading this blog will help answer some of the questions you must have and give you a sense of who we are. If you would like to talk with us further, please feel free to e-mail us. We will be supportive and understanding of the situation you are in and will not judge you.

We are both faced with challenges now - you with a difficult choice for your child and us with trying to grow our family. Together we have the opportunity to help one another.

Our goal is to have another child, a sibling for Kasen, not necessarily to be "pregnant." We feel adoption is the path we are supposed to be on, and we are excited to welcome another "miracle baby" into our lives.

We are looking to adopt a child through private adoption because we want to make a connection with you, the birth mother. After much research, we didn't feel that an agency would know us well enough to find the child who will join our family. We feel a better way is to search on our own and, hopefully, all of us will find each other. You have as much control in this as we do, and that is important.

While we feel fortunate in life, we remain modest and are continually striving to become better people. We are dedicated to helping our children get an excellent education, become self-confident and pursue their own unique passions and interests.

Please also know that this child will always know the love and courage your decision required as well as the love and respect we have for the mother who gave them life and how forever grateful we are to you.

We know this is one of the hardest choices you will ever make and can only imagine heartache that has brought you to this point. We hope that as you make the decision about what will be best for you and your baby that you will find peace and comfort.

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  1. Those words were both powerful and heartfelt. I cannot imagine the hjourney you had trying to concieve your son and I admire your choice to seek adoption this time around. There are so many children in the world waiting for a wonderful set of parents (YOU!) :)